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Holistic therapies work on the individual as a whole. Rather than working on a specific area, holistic therapists examine what may be underlying issues as well as other areas of the body that may have been affected.

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Holistic treatments can be used alongside traditional medicine to treat or relieve symptoms of specific ailments (sometimes referred to as complimentary therapy) as holistic practices are non-invasive and drug free. Whereas conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals can treat a particular symptom, illness or discomfort, it does not always seek to treat the underlying problem - and without helping the cause of the problem, there is a possibility that the problem will come back - that's where holistic treatment comes in.

Holistic approaches have been used to optimise health for thousands of years and many disorders can benefit from holistic treatments. Because holistic therapy treats the whole individual  (as the principle behind holistic healing is to balance the body, mind and spirit,) many recipients of holistic treatments have found that as well as the condition for which they are seeking treatment, other health issues have also improved. This is largely due to their optimised immune system and smooth operation of their whole being - which is the aims of holistic treatments.

Some of the benefits of holistic therapies include:

Tension relief
Stress relief
Improved circulation
Calming and relaxation
Reduced muscle tension
Increased energy levels
Stimulates immune system
Sense of well being

The holistic team’s treatments are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body in beautiful, calm surroundings. Our Cheltenham based treatment room is tastefully designed to enhance your experience and create a tranquil and peaceful ambience.  Bespoke treatments are planned by The Holistic Team to ensure you benefit from a truly holistic treatment delivered by a fully qualified therapist with tailored aftercare. 

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"The Holistic Team came highly recommended by friends and colleagues as the best in Cheltenham so it seemed only natural for me to try a few treatments. A hectic work schedule coupled with intense training had resulted in muscular aches, back pain, tension headaches and lack of sleep.

The treatments I received not only relieved the aches and pains I was suffering with but also left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Swedish massage and Reflexology treatments were favourites of mine and provided a great relief from the stresses of life and training.

I thoroughly recommend The Holistic Team for their professional and dedicated service whether you are looking to improve your health or enjoy a good old fashioned pampering."

Ashley Thomas