Important Information

There are certain conditions that limit or prohibit the use of holistic treatments. If you have any of the following please discuss them prior to booking as you may require advice from your GP prior to your appointment.

spacer Fever
spacer Inflammations or swellings
spacer High Blood Pressure
spacer Infectious Diseases
spacer Osteoperosis
spacer Varicose Veins
spacer Pregnancy
spacer Liver Disease
spacer Kidney Disease
spacer Blood Clot
spacer Heart Disease
spacer Cancer
spacer Epilepsy

It is not the policy of the holistic team to charge for missed appointments made due to unforseen circumstances as we want to be as flexible as we can. However we hope that our clients will understands and appreciate that in order to deliver a consistant level of customer service we will look to recoup any lost revenues if we are not given sufficient time to re plan our therapists diaries due to untimely cancellations.

  1. For your first appointment please allow an extra half an hour for the consultation process.
  2. Children and adults, males and females welcome. 
  3. Treatments are by appointment only, we do not operate a drop in service.
  4. Ample parking is available at a small fee (60 pence per hour) 

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