Thermo Auricular Therapy

Thermo Auricular Therapy, also known as ear candling is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in many cultures throughout the world. They are hollow tubes made from unbleached cotton or linen and hardened with beeswax.

At the Holistic Team (based in Cheltenham) you will lie on your side on a massage table and a protective cloth will be placed over the ear. The ear candle will be lit and gently inserted into the opening of the ear. Once treatment is completed, it will be repeated on the other ear. During treatment you may experience gentle heat around the ear area. You may hear popping sounds and a pleasant crackling as the ingredients are burning.

When accompanied with a facial massage The Holistic Teams therapist (based in Cheltenham)  will use facial massage techniques to drain any conjestion naturally away from the sinus area.

Thermo Auricular therapy may help alleviate the symptoms of 

spacer Colds
spacer Earache
spacer Excessive ear wax
spacer Glue ear
spacer Hay fever / allergic rhinitis
spacer Headaches
spacer Sinus Congestion
spacer Migraines
spacer Snoring
spacer Sore Throats
spacer Stress

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