"Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments. Essential oils, extracted from plants are thought to possess distinctive therapeutic properties.

An essential oil is an aromatic, volatile substance extracted from a single botanical source by distillation or expression. Essential oils have been utilised in fragrances, flavours and medicines for thousands of years and there are some 400 different oils extracted from plants all over the world." (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - CNHC

Essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and depending on the type of oil, have an effect on specific organs or functions of the body. Essential oils stimulate the olfactory system; (the sense of smell) and can set off a reaction both emotionally and physically. Any healing effects from aromatherapy are likely to result from the combination of the therapeutic effects of the essential oils and how they work on an emotional level. Aromatherapists for The Holistic Team in Cheltenham will create a fragrant massage blend using a carrier oil to dilute the pure essential oils and select the most appropriate oils for their client.


Some benefits of aromatherapy include;-


bullet Improvement in general health and well being
bullet Increase in vitality
bullet Relieves stress
bullet Stimulates or soothes the nervous system
bullet Acts as an antiseptic/ antiviral tonic
bullet Eliminates toxic waste from the skin and muscle system
bullet Stimulates blood and lymph supply
bullet Relieves muscular tension and warms the muscles
bullet Improvement in the colour and texture of the skin
bullet Positive effect on mood and thought

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